Working with Overseas Clients as a Financial Planner

With the plethora of messaging apps that can connect you with anyone from any part of the world, there’s really no excuse to not get in touch with your clients. Technology has eliminated the communication barriers that used to hinder people from talking with others from overseas.

So, is it possible to continue working as a financial planner with clients overseas? The answer is an absolute yes.

There are many channels where you can communicate aside from email. If the signal is weak and phone calls are choppy, you can transfer to messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, GoToMeeting, or Signal. The choice will depend on what’s convenient for your client.

With the help of social media and messaging tools, you can continue doing business with clients, wherever they are in the world. As long as you’re both connected to the internet, the means of communication may be the least of the things you should worry about.


Focusing on what’s important


Building a relationship with your client is what you should prioritize. It’s hard enough to get them to trust you even if you meet them in person. What more if you’re doing it online in an informal setting?

Whether you’re talking in person or you’re just communicating through social media, the factors that help build a lasting relationship with clients remain true.

Focusing on building trust should be your primary concern. For that to happen, you should take note of the following points and make sure you put them into practice.

1)      Remain transparent

Avoid keeping valuable information from your clients. Info on fee structures, company policies, and commissions must all be discussed every step of the way.

You don’t want to catch them off guard if there are problems or other concerns regarding their funds. As much as possible, immediately communicate any issues you find, no matter how small they are.

Also, don’t promise what you can’t deliver 101%.

2)      Stay engaged

Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to strengthen communication even if you’re working remotely. Since you don’t have any other means of communication other than online methods, you have to sustain constant interaction with your overseas clients.

Your responses should be faster, whether it’s through email or chat. Make sure you’re available most of the time in various social media sites and the most popular communication tools.

You have to put in the effort to maintain a healthy relationship with your clients. As much as possible you have to mimic personal interaction and project it online as if you live just next to them.

Personalizing your emails isn’t a bad idea either. Clients expect financial planners to treat them like a friend that won’t let them down.

3)      Listen

Be ready to answer their calls and questions, no matter how basic, mundane, or repetitive they get. The world of finance may be alienating to them which is why it’s your job to keep things simple and easy to understand. Clients expect that you’ll guide them all throughout the process, which is why they put their trust in you even if you’re countries apart.


Facing difficulties


Working remotely brings a lot of benefits to the table. The convenience, reduced cost, and time efficiency of using online messaging tools are hard to beat. These are the things that make working with people overseas possible.

Of course, there are still difficulties you have to face in doing business remotely. Aside from the lack of physical interaction, possibly the biggest hurdle is the difference in time zones with your client. You’re lucky if the difference is only an hour or two. You have to make big adjustments if the difference becomes 8 to 12 hours.

Although most of the populated areas in the world are hooked to the internet, there are still regions where connectivity remains an issue. This limits the option to interact with your client, leaving only phone calls and text messages in your arsenal. Some countries also prohibit the use of certain messaging tools because of their political policies.


Being a financial planner for overseas clients is made possible with the help of online messaging tools. There are a lot of ways to connect with your client so this isn’t where you should place your focus on.

Establishing a good relationship with your clients should be your top priority. This is where the real challenge lies since you have to present everything online. You have to keep on finding ways to provide constant and timely communication. You can only call it a success if you’ve completely gained their trust and confidence even if they’re just talking to you online.

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