Why I become a Financial Advisor


From 1983 until now:

Born and raised in Sydney’s Western suburbs, from a young age I aspired to operate a financial advisory business.  This desire spurned from my upbringing where I witnessed friends, family and peers with unhealthily financial habits (such as excessive personal debt, living week to week), which caused major stress and anxiety due to poor financial decisions.  I wanted to be able to help people make good financial decisions and make the most of what they have; avoiding the mistakes I saw growing up.

Realising that education and experience are both important, after school I decided to work full-time during the day and went to university 4 nights a week, keen to make my childhood dream come true as soon as possible.

After many more years of hard work (whilst continuing to undertake studies such as an MBA and the CFP program), slowly but gradually I progressed through the financial industry ranks and in 2010 at age 27, I become a partner in one of Sydney’s largest Financial Planning firms and earlier in 2015, was fortunate enough to be in a position to open a financial planning firm in Sydney CBD with a great team of staff around me.  Today I am also a regular financial writer for The Australian newspaper and occasionally appear on Sky Business Channel discussing financial planning matters.