Why You Should Use a Buyers Agent

Buyers Agent

In the highly competitive Sydney property market, investors need every edge they can get and using a buyer’s agent is one way of doing so.

Unlike a real-estate agent who acts in the best interests of the seller, a buyer’s agent is a person who represents the buyer in property negotiations. A buyer’s agent can provide investors with a number of advantages.

For example, when using a buyer’s agent, they may be able to access properties that were made for private sale or that have not yet been listed, essentially giving you access to a larger pool of real estate to choose from.

Furthermore, a buyer’s agent is able to represent you during the negotiation stage of the property transaction. In many cases this means the buyer’s agent is able to use their negotiating skills to save you thousands of dollars in the property purchase.

A buyer’s agent could also use their expertise to assist you in selecting a property from your shortlist that has promising capital gains or rental returns, whichever best suits your property portfolio. A buyer’s agent could even help you construct this shortlist based on your criteria.

It is also an important to note that knowing exactly what you want from your investment property is crucial in using a buyer’s agent. If you fail to be exact about what you’re after, you may find yourself disappointed with the properties your buyer’s agent presents to you.

If you think a buyer’s agent may be worth considering for your property investment pursuit, it is advisable to contact a financial planner who will be able to refer you to a quality buyer’s agent and also assist you with any additional issues or considerations that need to be taken into account for your real estate investment.

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