Written for The Australian Newspaper – How to face a compulsory acquisition of your property


In this article I write about what to do if your property is facing compulsory acquisition.  Is it a win fall or does it mean disaster.  It is clear though from researching the topic and interviewing people that the most important thing to do is to get the appropriate legal advice to ensure that you are maximising your chances of the best outcome possible.

It can be a stressful time if the Government wants to sell your house and knock it down to build a piece of infrastructure, so knowing your rights and understanding the process can go a long way to help relieve the pressure.

With so many infrastructure projects occurring in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, thousands of people are affected by compulsory acquisition (and it should be noted that rules are state based and differ), so the article was well received and I received positive feedback from people it assisted.

To read the whole article, please click on the link below:

Written by James Gerrard in The Australian Newspaper – Compulsory Acquisition


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