Written For The Australian – Can Cars Really Be An Investment?

If I told you that their was an asset that had seen price growth of 127% since 2010 would you be able to guess what it was? Property in a hot Sydney suburb? A growth stock that has been hitting it out of the park? Pherhaps a managed fund that has gone on a winning streak? Or maybe something totally out of left field that you would have never thought could actually make you money!

Thats right the asset that has returned 127% since 2010 was the  Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. Back in 2010 you could pick one of these up for right around $220,000 but today due to the cars discontinuation in 2015 you wouldn’t be able to buy one for under $500,000. With returns like this, it’s no wonder more and more people are starting to consider the classic cars that they had postered on their walls as kids as more of an investment rather than an expensive toy. In this weeks article, I have a look at the merits of this idea and break down the key points to consider when making a classic car investment.

Link to the article below:

James Gerrard – Can Cars Really Be An Investment



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