Written For The Australian – Airbnb play: Short-term stay for a big-time payday

With rising house prices all across the east coast, it has never been more difficult for investors to squeeze a decent yield out of an investment property. In light of this, there has been an emergence of mom and dad investors who are ditching the traditional long term rental model and adopting the short term rental market as a means of boosting their potential rental return. According to Quirin Schwaighofer founder of short-term rental specialist firm MadeComfy investors are able to generate rental yields in the range of 9 – 10 % by renting out their investment property on Airbnb. This is a major step up from the current gross rental yield of 2-3% that are on offer for for properties which are rented via more traditional means.

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James Gerrard - Airbnb play: Short-term stay for a big-time payday

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