Save More Money With Government Sponsored Rebates

Just this 2018, the NSW government released over 40 different types of rebates and savings that can help residents across the state save more money. They even took the initiative to make it easier for people to access by providing an online portal where they can register for the savings program. Ever since the program began, the NSW government has helped hundreds of households claim thousands in savings yearly.

In the Cost of Living website, you’ll quickly find various rebates, discount programs, subsidies, and free services for eligible candidates. The eligibility criteria and the details on these schemes are all provided in the portal.

The discounts and rebate offers are subdivided into the following categories:

-          Energy and utilities

Rebates on gas, water, and energy bills are available in this category. There are also discount schemes that allow you to save money on upgrading your old fridge or television. There are also discount offers for replacing LED bulbs or for the installation of energy-efficient air conditioners.


-          Driving

Those who spend more than $1,300 on toll fees can receive free vehicle registration. Pensioners are also eligible for free renewal of driver’s license and registration of vehicles.


Those with good driving records are also eligible for a 50% discount on their next license renewal.


-          Public transport

This is probably the most used service under the discount program. Opal card, pensioner travel vouchers, taxi transport subsidy for those with severe disabilities, and transport concessions for tertiary students are some of the schemes listed under this category.


-          Health

Some of the schemes associated under this category allow you to receive reduced fees when parking on a public hospital. You can also get free optical aids and glasses, extra coverage for expenses when traveling long distances for treatment, and additional coverage for the cost of operating medical equipment at home.


-          Children

The NSW government encourages kids to become more active in sports, learn more about cultural heritage, and sharpen their creativity with student vouchers. Eligible school students are also given subsidized, and even free, use of public transport.


-          Entertainment

Pensioners and veterans receive free entrance passes and parking fees to national parks and other recreational centres.


-          Others

The First Home Buyers Assistance program provides a saving scheme with better tax benefits to first-time property buyers. Return and Earn program gets you a refund for handing in beverage containers and other recyclable materials.

If you’re having a hard time browsing through the multitude of savings offered to you, you can try the Savings Finder to filter the rebates relevant to your needs. All you need to do is answer a short questionnaire and let the site choose the right savings for you.

The government also offers translation and interpretation services to people who might be having a hard time availing the services due to communication barriers.

If you have questions regarding the service you can get in touch with them through email or by booking a personal appointment with their specialists.

With the continuous rise in living expenses, it wouldn’t hurt to try some of these rebates and discount schemes to save more money for your future.

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